Here is your chance to become part of the ThreeSixSix family. Other brands call this endorsement but thats a boring name so I am calling it 'FreeSixSix' (See what I did there?)

Basically what happens here is that by doing something cool (or even something that is uncool) that can help bring good exposure to the ThreeSixSix brand you can get yourself free stuff. So maybe you are in a band, maybe you have a YouTube channel, perhaps, dare I say it, you are Tumblr famous or perhaps you are just the coolest guy going or I don't know, whatever..?

 Anyway if you think you have a good claim and fancy becoming part of the ThreeSixSix family all you've gotta do is hit me up with an email and tell me about what it is you do and you might find yourself dressing for free.


I look forward to hearing from you x